Dreaming about summer… Hate this cold here lol:D but -15C is too much!! I wish I was there, nea the sea, wearing a bikini, drinking Margarita, maybe somewhere in CA? haha in any case in SL I can be anywhere and in every season so here is my winter time summer look:)

Hope you’ll like it♥♥


Skin: Diwani Skin MakeUp 5+Hairbase by UZURI (Bella Bombast) NEW!!!

Hair: Marsmallow EXCLUSIVE For the Dressing Room Blue by LoQ (Gia Pawpad) NEW!!!

Necklace and Earrings:  Mwezi Gold by UZURI (Bella Bombast) NEW!!!

Tricot: SACSHA by CHANTKARE (Applonia Criss) NEW!!!

Belt: knot belt iron by glow studio (Jocelyn Anatine)

Bag: The apasionado bag elite by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Bracelet: SINRA/Venus gold by MANDALA (kikunosuke.eel)

Glasses:  Jackie O (black) by [glow] Studio (Anemisk Karu)

Shoes:  Audrey Fatpack by Kalnins Footwear (Maris Kanto)

Scene’s details:


Car: HM AM 177 M White by Harumotors (haru.kappler)

Yacht: NP40 Luxury Power Boat 1.42 by Cigar Yachts

Part of Roya House by BAZAR



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