News – Diwani Skin by Uzuri

Hello everybody, hope you’re fine and have a marvelous weekend!  Today, I wanna show you NEW awesome Diwani skin by amazing Bella Bombast! It is so beautiful, just take a look bellow:)♥

You can get Diwani skin pack demo or simply buy it for 1450L, Grab your limo to UZURI main store!


Skin: Diwani Skin by UZURI (Bella Bombast)NEW!!!

Eyes: Bella Desire, Bella Skin by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave) NEW!!!

Necklace: Bahati by UZURI (Bella Bombast)NEW!!!

Necklace2: Uchache by UZURI (Bella Bombast)NEW!!!

Earrings: Uchache by UZURI (Bella Bombast)NEW!!!

Dress: SHIRPA SILK DRESS by CHANTKARE (Applonia Criss)

Hair: * FINYA * /brown by EMO-tions (Mirja Mills)

Pose by EverGlow 3rd Anniversary Gift for bloggers



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