Look#9 Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day my Lovies!

For my Valentine’s pictures I’ve chosen beautiful creations from Sissy Pessoa and Gyorgyna Larnia, hope you will like it!♥


Hair: KED937 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura)

Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase blonde by booN (boo Nakamura)

Skin: Florrie Skin/mekeup/ Summer by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt)

Necklace: Ippolita necklace red by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) NEW!!!

Scarf: Big Fall scarf-red by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa)

Top: Helena sweater-red by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Skirt: Le Romantique skirt-red by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink 

Pose by Del May

Scene details:

Gazebo and red carpet by Zigana (Nalena Fairey)

Chairs and wool carpets by *Y’s HOUSE* (yacchan.clip)

english tea cups by cluttered flowey (flutter.memel) for The seasons gatcha 

Trees by Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

Beagle laying Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell)

Location: My own home at Blues

Please feel free to visit it and walk around:)

Love and hugs♥


6 Comments on “Look#9 Happy Valentines Day!

  1. Red! Red! Red! Strong and vibrant color just like you my dear! Love this post.#nevergettingtiredtosayhowtalentedyouare ♥♥♥

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