We Need You On Our Team !

Sending this note on behalf of Pitsch Parx, the amazing designer behind UrbanizeD 🙂

We Need You On Our Team !

You surprise everyone with your fabulous taste ?
You have an eye on details ?
You have more furniture in your inventory than shoes ?
You change your interior 3 times a day ?

Then we need you on our team !

Here is the idea;
( keep in mind that nothing is sure yet )

A Styling Book/Magazine for SL Interior Design !

NOT COMMERCIAL, so no ads ! It’s a free magazine, and everyone works for free.
It should be artistic and overloaded with ideas and inspiration on how SL interior design can/could be.
A magazine for home & garden designers- textures artists – customers/shoppers.
We will give information on new releases, show the latest trends, give ideas how to bring style in your home.
Base key words will make segments in the magazine, clear lines on themes.
No long articles and interviews, it should be like a videoclip on virtual paper !
The date of the first release will be announced later
Magazine will appear 2 or 4 times a year ( Inworld and online )

Want to be part of our team ?

Currently we are looking for: photographers, interior designers and stylists, texture designers, interior design bloggers and folks to manage the online stuff.

If interested drop a notecard to Pitsch Parx with the following info:

Name :

What you can do for the magazine :

Flickr / Blog links :

Can we contact you if you are not inworld ?

Anything else you want us to know ?

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