Home & Garden EXPO 2012, vol.3

Absolutely wonderful creations from Maxwell Graf at Home & Garden EXPO – amazing Maison de Maille, Mesh Furniture Sets, SkyMoon skybox, field and forest grass sets, mesh shrubs and a lot of other fantastic stuff. Just have a look!

The “House of Mesh” is the result of 4 months of effort to design a dwelling of unique style and elaborate details beyond any of his previous efforts. It has a main room, 3 bedrooms, a tower study and 3 fireplaces. It is a combination of prims, sculpties and mesh and has a land impact of 302 prims!! Extras include: Fires, torches, rugs, frames, hedges, planter bed, dirt and ivy.

Also Maison de Maille available in petite version, so it could be wonderful for tiny avatars!

The SkyMoon is designed to create a natural ground environment in the sky, allowing you the freedom to use your own home and trees. Using the custom, low-lag controller you can select sky and ground textures from sunsets to storms, grass to snow to sand. The sky and mountains reflect in the mesh water inlet.

Just Enjoy it cause it’s really beautiful creation!! Your taxi to Rustica expo:)

My next stop at * Dutchie * Expo. I just love creations from Froukje Hoorenbeek, always use them in my decorations:)

On the opposite side from Dutchie The Domineaux Effect expo located. So beautiful mesh stuff from Domineaux with such a perfect textures, look so real! Awesome for your summer gardens!!

And of course I just couldn’t pass by Scarlet Creative. I just love this pure and clear design. I have many houses in Second life 😀 and one of them – by Charlotte Bartlett. Enjoy her new wonderful creation – California House – it is luxury way of living!!!:)



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