Neva River Sky City – my place


Tredpro Security Camera 1 Astaro

KYOTO – Industrial Electrical Box

~Dirty Deeds~ Floor Sign – Caution Slippery Floor

Trees by 3D TREES

Privacy Fence B (Birch) by The Domineaux Effect

Picnic & (pda) Autre-moeurs chairs Atelier Kreslo

[*Art Dummy!] salvaged. (chair in cream)

*Y’s HOUSE* Round Chairs

*Y’s HOUSE* Iron Center Table

L2 pots for bamboo orange glaze

*Y’s HOUSE* Display Stand [Garden/OW]

*atmosphere works* watering pot

Mesh Broom Textured by DYP FURNITURE

Tiki Tattoo – Round Terracota pot plant&Terracota  Pot / Sansevieria

dahaus-Grungy Daybed

Tiki Tattoo – Square metal pot plant

[*Art Dummy!]  Old Window (decor)

*Y’s HOUSE* Honey Bench

*atmosphere works* ashtray

Mesh Folded Newspaper by Meli Imako

*atmosphere works* brush, broom, buckets, milk bottles

Bark– Vintage Birdcage MESH- Old Bronze

LISP – Vine Lamp Long Length touch shade for tex change

Gos‘s Coffee Machine [V1.1.3] MOCHA

4 plates, 2 prim incl shadow by Dutchie

FLECHA watermelon, lemon

Dutchie glas of water, winebottles, empty box

*Y’s HOUSE* [Display] Basket02  (wool-ivoly + leather)

Whiskey , Chips&Sandwich dispenser by [STUFF]

Dutchie bread and cheese

LISP – Bistro Muffin Case

(iTuTu) small cutting board

LISP – Chopping Knife

*Y’s HOUSE* Wooden High Stool 001(WP)

*Y’s HOUSE*  Garden High Stool 001(WP)

[19MC?] Oneshot-measure

Dutchie coffee&coffe

:YONEYA: Bottles

Other accessories by LISP(iTuTu)Dutchie, KOPI, BP

*Y’s HOUSE* Vintage Hall tree (Teak)

**DP**yumyum: hats

*VOONER* BigKitchen_GasOven

SuperFreeze Refrigerator Door – Dirty by [STUFF]

Petty Girl – 2012 Calendar by [STUFF]

Accessories by LISPDutchie, Picnic, POST(iTuTu)

Picnic Sewing machine desk remake – white circle

Picnic & (pda) Autre-moeurs chairs Atelier Kreslo

*Y’s HOUSE* Enamel Shade Lamp(W)/M

Dutchie blinds

*Y’s HOUSE* Working Table003

*halu* armchair v10

The Loft – E.T Chair White

~Dirty Deeds~ Garbage – Beer Lovers

*Y’s HOUSE* Iron Shelf 01(BL/glass)_H1200

The Loft – Desk Organizer

Dutchie row of books

Skye Books by Studio-Skye

Mesh Statue Horse Model by Meli Imako

POST Chisholm Desk Lamp

The Loft – Aloe Pots mini

other accessories on the table by dahaus

[Ink] Damage curtain

LISP – Bistro Clock Texture Change

TA Single Cue Rack

= JBX = Speaker sx300

FlagIt! Globe by [STUFF]

TA  Challenge Pool Table

TA Succes Rug

TA Success Art Collection

KOPI Guitar_Used Black

Esquire Girl – 2011 Calendar by [STUFF]

Cal’Clo Clock – Plastic Wood by [STUFF]

[North West] frames on a string

DIGS – Barcelona Chair –  Ivory

DIGS – Cody Beanbag – White

[*Art Dummy!] salvaged. (chair in cream)

TA Panorama Rug Beige

dahaus Design Magazine Seat

 <Kal Rau> Whisky Set_Cup (grp gift)

 Lonsdale Cigarette Case, Lonsdale Cocktail Glass by POST

~Dirty Deeds~ Ashtray Set

The Loft  – Dahlia Rug Ebony

TA Panorama Bed

The Loft – Wisteria Bathroom Tablet

The Loft– Savant Towel Rack

The Loft – Bailey Bathroom Mirror

The Loft – Bailey Bathroom Sink

The Loft – Croton Bowl

outside: TA Seaside Pergola

The Loft – Oriana Rug II

TA Sculpt Rug – Change Color

Dutchie dropped dress

The Loft  – Croton Point,Snake Plant, Molinary Snake  Plant

Dutchie claw foot bath tub

:CP: Stilte Massage Table

The Loft – Bailey Bathroom Supplies

The Loft– Morgan Pedestal

The Loft – Bailey Basket

The Loft– Oriana Basket of Towels

TA Seaside Low Table

accessories by The Loft, NsB

Tiki Tattoo – Terracota Ficus

*ionic* stage

DIGS – Cody Beanbag – White

*MH* glass square table

Accessories on table by POST



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