PILOT – Harford Patio – coming soon!

Mesh HARFORD PATIO table  from PILOT includes:

cushion texture menu with 6 texture options, 8 single and4 couples animation per cushion and will be available at the Pilot Grand Opening Saturday, August 25th at 7pm SLT!


Olive tree by 3D Trees

*~MMG’s~* Wooden guardrail-bothsides [B-mirror]_brown

{what next}  Bicycles

TA Books & Coffee

The Loft – Cafetiere

/artilleri/ The Levine radio *brown*

Location: Crystall Dunes



2 Comments on “PILOT – Harford Patio – coming soon!

  1. Thank you.No actually I haven’t. I sipmly don’t have the resources to do that. I’m working on the workbench I have setup in my computer room (2nd bedroom) of my apartment and I’m on a rather tight budget. Besides, I believe the reason why you ask that is due to the blue color of the light which doesn’t exactly match the Discs in the movie. I’m going to be rebuilding it soon (see my most recent post for what happened) and putting in white LEDs instead. With those and the blue color of the blade I’m hoping to more accurately reproduce the color from the movie. If that doesn’t work out however, I can always switch back to the Blue LEDs by swapping out the LED ring.

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