TA Bohemian Couch Set

Complete Bohemian Couch Set from talented Nico Griffith with change texture menu.

Multisit system, you can select the anim sit by menu. Intimate menu inside couch for romantic moments. Projector with on/off system. Drag your own pictures in the projector screen.

The Bohemian Couch Set includes: 

Couch, Shutter Panel, 2 Hanging Lights, Radio, Films and Photographs Boxes, Films Canisters, Shelf, Candles Tray, Trunk, Projector, Potato Chips, Puff Table, Rug, Cactus, Projector Screen.

Individual items available in the shop.

Find your own style with this awesome Bohemian Couch Set!! Here is your limo to TA store=)



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