Allow me to take you to my lil getaway haven…

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Allow me to take you to my lil getaway haven…

a place where even the little of the littlest feel at home.

Everyone has their personal comfort zone welcome to my humble abode.

Small things i cherish objects that remind us of good memories, birth of new insperation…

Whenever it feels heavy.. or grey and wet outside youd mostlikly find me here..

Short walks that clear and set the mind free.. Just the wind and me.

Here i shall not feel alone, like a child wander off in endless puffy thoughts…

The sun always shines on TV they say.. me and Panda believe that to

Tea, coffee or sachets of dried scented flowers i keep them here. Wooly socks can be found on the far left.

Melancholic when its bedtime, smilling when he says Good Morning..

Interior details:


{ ililo } Shopkeeper Sign (sand)

d-lab-cp-01-01 potted flower

*. emm ; hello autumn, it’s me {mixed leaves}

fallen leaves by  3D Trees


L2 studio Rustic Garden Shed + flower box

[Zigana] Apothecary cabinet New Release

Sway’s [Piggy Bank] New Release available at Arcada

[K-W] Lanthanum 001 (Bronze)

:CP: Lilith Books, Things Teapot

!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MsZebra. Wasabi Powder] New Release available at Arcada

{ ililo } this old desk. white


:CP: & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Lights – part of Backyard Cinema SET New Release

[mdrm] bicycle[white]

[*Art Dummy!] idle. (stool-in color)

{vespertine– willamette sofa/linen }

d-lab panda

Kinokoko – Country Low Table(White)

MudHoney Abby Table Lamp

Table accessories by [*Art Dummy!]vespertine, !O


[Zigana] Weathered mirror New Release

[*Art Dummy!] once. (cabinet with lanterns )

Accessories by [*Art Dummy!]:CP:, !O

:: rucott :: Rag — flower 2


[*Art Dummy!] once. (linked tabletop version decorative dummy)

!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [MrGiraffe. Chili Powder] New Release available at Arcada

BP* bottles (store closed)


[*Art Dummy!] Pandora’s wooden legs. (chair-blue) New Release available at Arcada

Wheelbarrow Planter by The Domineaux Effect

LISP – Dolly Days Basket – Lemon New Release available at Arcada

pot by d-lab

fern by  3D Trees

Grass, trees by  3D Trees and ~*FF*~


{what next} Oslo Chair (tea) New Release available at Arcada

::BB:: Dwarf Hamster Gacha New Release available at Arcada

Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera Shoulder Pink/White New Release available at Arcada

*Tatty Soup* Elbow Lamp Spotty New Release

Paint Can & Brushes by **Dreamscapes Decor**

Classic Waterpump by The Domineaux Effect

!O: Animal Spice Gatcha [Noah’s Ark Light] RARE New Release available at Arcada


:CP: Earnst TV New Release

::FG:: ivy A (Black)

{vespertine– Suzanne tray. }


[Zigana] Apothecary cabinet New Release


[*Art Dummy!] here. (bed-white wood)

[Commoner] Monogram Marquee Light / N New Release available at Arcada

{what next} Novelle Typewriter

:CP: Lilith Things Teacup

{what next} Blogger’s Book & Pen Decor

{what next} Mayfair Trunk (saddle brown)

LISP – Anna Birds – Beige

:: rucott :: Rag — flower 5

Bark- Fancy Little End Table MESH – Painted White

[*Art Dummy!]  hang your heart here. (decorative books)

BP* Falling glass/ rez  (store closed)

Location: Neva River, Private sky Vile♥

Have a wonderful week lovelies!!

If you need more detailed info pls contact me here or inworld, thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies!

xoxo=**** Neva

5 Comments on “Allow me to take you to my lil getaway haven…

  1. I am totally enchanted…would you mind sharing your windlight settings?

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