Where nature and modern lifestyle goes hand in hand… Open now for your visit!

Where nature and modern lifestyle goes hand in hand. Crytall Dunes my world and personal retreat.

Hello my dear friends, all good things come to an end they say but i believe it can also be the beginning of something new..

I would like to thank each and everyone who took time to drop by and visit Crystall Dunes. What was planned for a week turned out to be 10 days or so.

There was so much feedback and inquiry about a variety of things that we had to extend the opening date.

Thank you so much for all the support you have given me lately, each IM every notecard i recieved your personal heartfelt comments. All of this touched and gets me all the time, sighs..

I shall leave this space open. I can’t say what and when it will be but as you know my Sims are in constant change. My to-do list never seems to cease but we are already working on new ideas and concepts. Hope to see and meet you again in Crystall Dunes!

Much Love, Neva.


Scarlet Creative Designer Challenge – Noelle Chalet Shell only

DIGS – Delaney Couch – Fawn – Combination [MESH] New Release

DIGS – Rae Bench – Fawn [MESH] New Release

DIGS – Troyka Potted Croton

PILOT – Bridges Bar Cart

MESHWORX Factory Cabinet available at Femeshed New Release

MESHWORX – Hive Lamp Brown available at Femeshed New Release

Skye Books

Antler by The Loft


MudHoney Laura End Table

Books by The Loft

DIGS – Rae Large Lamp – Ash [MESH] New Release

POST: Falun Apples and Pears

TA Seaside Low Table

TA Potato Chips

TissueBox by xerotree

Checkers by The Loft

TA Sawadee Rug

TA Sandalo Rug New Release

TA Seaside Pillow


Bathroom-fluffy carpet by BAZAR

DIGS – Rae Floor Lamp – Ash [MESH] New Release

[AF] iFall&BASE Console

floorplan. photo hanger New Release

DAHaus-Gumdrop Chair Galvanized

MudHoney Priya Bed Available at Cinema New Release

TA Panorama Telescope

[HANDverk]Super8Movie Camera Available at Cinema New Release

La Galleria Light Pine Trunk Coffee table




4 Comments on “Where nature and modern lifestyle goes hand in hand… Open now for your visit!

  1. *head desks* I have had the same “shell” of home for 3 years now, just tweaked the interior. You always make me go back and tweak some more. =D You are so amazing Neva!

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