Enchanted Cabin in the woods..

  • (pls click on pics to see in Large size)

And so it was.. as we found our rubber boots still knee deep in Mud a week after Sandy..

..Lucky old sun says hello in our skies, smell of pancakes baked to a golden brown, morning bread kissed with Honey.

Our enchanted Cabin in the woods, engulfed by tress and only one path leads there. Kindly join us for Holiday’s are here, this is way to our comfort zone..

Details for 1st and 2nd pictures:

MudHoney Holiday Cabin New Release

.lame – Mia’s Pergola – Brown (color modified!) 

POST Wood Floor Grate (part of Marquette Sink set)

{what next} Charlotte Floor Cushion New Release

{what next} Charlotte Lanterns

LISP – Serenity Springs Hot Tub (color modified!)

Mesh logs by Meli Imako

.lame – Mia’s Bench&Chair (color modified!)

TA Bohemian Rug

/artilleri/ The Levine radio *brown*

LISP – Basket of Shopping – Mathilde

-RC- BBQ Grill

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Feeder with Sparrows

The Loft – Logie Table Black w/ Cloth

Dutchie bread&cheese and winebottles

Wine Glasses by Meli Imako

FLECHA sculpted lemons

[XT] TissueBox

Dutchie snow crash, newspaper – free gift

TA Smoker Set

TA Potato Chips

TA Seaside Guitar

TA Bohemian Camera

[*Art Dummy!] game. (basketball)

{what next} Cambridge Bicycles

Lusch Motors – All Roader


3rd picture:

.lame – Hadley’s Bed

{what next} Falling Wall Decor

{what next} 7 Mixed Prints for Lazy Sunday (frame color modified!) New Release

{what next} Charlotte Woodburning Stove New Release

LISP – Bistro Clock

The Loft – Bag of Logs

Mesh logs by Meli Imako

Trompe Loeil – Wicker Bathroom Basket Brown available at Femeshed 

{what next} Charlotte Floor Cushions (mocha) New Release

{what next} Rise&Shine Coffe Tray For FAIR’s October cycle New Release

{what next} books and pen

NsB Milk chocolate

.lame – Nick’s Raggedy Table

POST Falun Apples and Pears

MudHoney Stacy Table Lamp

[*Art Dummy!] idle. (stacked books)

MudHoney Nicole Chair

Tharyn Design Fur Rug

TA Bohemian Dark Rug

Trees, ground covers, fallen leaves by ~*FF*~3D Trees/artilleri/

Have a wonderful week lovelies!! Love♥


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