Enchanted Path – Arcade 2013


Zigana . Gypsy Caravan . garden dream

[ContraptioN] Music Box GACHA: Ballad

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.the Wizard’s balloon

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.dorothy’s basket

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.Woodman’s hat and oil

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.silver slippers

BALACLAVA!! Marchin’ On – Trombone – all New Releases available at Arcade Gatcha Event

Trees tonnel (not on sale), road, water, bridge, river bank – all from Studio Skye

Trees on the back by Wendy Xeno♥ (not on sale)

Logs by The Domineaux Effect (not on sale)

Taken at Neva River Sim (prolly will be opened soon for several days:) Sim landscaping by Alex Baden, Studio Skye


One Comment on “Enchanted Path – Arcade 2013

  1. I don’t know if I ever told you this. but I use your A-frame house pic as the desktop on my Nook. When I saw this a few days I wrestled with the thought of changing the A-frame picture for this one. Maybe I will put this one on my laptop. Both simply marvelous! ox

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