Neva River Sim, opening its doors 2013

NR sim

After roughly almost three months of planning, organizing and mental preparation that followed me through the nights. The idea and theme for Neva River this year turned out very personal ..Personal

An insight view of hidden desires i always wanted to visualize, if ever such an environment existed.. An excursion back to time, but with the simple and modest, ecologicaly friendly, but not ignoring the comforts of our present lifestyle.

 I cannot promise to please everyone this time, for this has been a long awaited desire of mine to one day create and share my humble and earthly visions of how i want to expirience my pixel dreams of hidden valleys, moss covered paths and fresh sea air. I tried my best to interpret my idea of how it would look like if we had the oppurtunity to live a life side by side with NATURE, it is possible if only we accepted and learned to admire again..

My deepest appreciation goes to three people who contributed alot in the duration of this long, time consuming process. Alex Bader (he is behind the Studio Sky) who assisted me in taking things to the next level via landscaping and similar task, bringing things to life and was always patient in reading wishes from my eyes. A dear friend and talented creators, the folks behind the newly opened store [we’re CLOSED] Wendy and Dingo, who’s creations never ceased to inspire  me since the day we met. I am proud to share this beauty. Trees, bushes the countless furnitures i have rezzed throughout the place which contemplate and round up my idea’s.

Windlight Settings by Annan Adored

The Sim is open for ten whole days starting tommorow 20th of March 3pm SL time, i hope you enjoy your stay:)


LM here🙂

21 Comments on “Neva River Sim, opening its doors 2013

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing (open) your sim to us… Cann’t wait to take pictures there <33

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