Neva River Sim Photography Challenge


During the early mornings today, while having my coffee i stumbled upon a few pictures taken by YOU in Neva River.

An idea strucked Alex Bader’s head and promptly it was decided. We would like to show our gratitude for the positive early feedbacks we have been recieving from all walks in Secondlife since the sim opening on March 20.

I am proud to announce that a lil’ contest will be taking place and everybody is invited^^ We thought it might be a good and fun activity to get people together who are interested in sharing their favorite angles and scenes that can be found around the sim.

~ Anyone who has a camera can participate *winks

~ Alex Bader, me(Neva) will be choosing the winners at the end of the competition.

* Winners can win up to 10.000L$. 5.000L$ for the 2nd runner up and 3.000L$ for the 3rd. placer.

~ Pictures of the sim that have already been uploaded on flickr before the said event can be used and added to the group in order to participate.

~ In order to join kindly add your picture on the flickr group Neva River Sim Photography Challenge

~ Last day to submit your picture is on friday the 29th of march 2013.

~ Please observe the follwing:

* Each participant may only submit one photograph.

* Pic. should be taken in Neva River Sim.

* And lastly no nudity^^

Goodluck Neva♥

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