So i say to you, the ashen face towel was embroidered in Odessa or Japan..

Dutchie MT


Dutchie massage table New Release

Dutchie spa necessities, towel on the ground, stack of towels New Releases

L&K – Ilios rug (caki), Old ladder New Releases

{ ililo } Medicine Cabinet, skybox Cube (modified), flowey curtain, Empty Mirror

+ILO+ Garden Chair, Utility Table

Dutchie robe cotton, glas of water, book with glasses

Dutchie valise,,travel clock New Release

..:*bitter vanilla*:.. Disinfection bowl

TA Excess FlipFlops

Inspektor Lamp Vikki Placebo

cYo Walking Stick

*ionic*  dreamer radio

POST: DeWitt Towels, Fabron Aftershave, Schroeders Shave Cream Jar

Builds outside:

Blueberry Prefabs -Fully Mesh- Store Building (Urban Style)


The Loft potted flower


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