Lets swim to the moon, climbing to the Stars♥

CP 1500pp

L2 Studio SHORELINE HOUSE New Release (mod)

:CP: Abbotsford Bed w/Lights, Abbotsford Hanging Shelf, Fish! Rug, Abbotsford Fish Mirror – New Releases for The Garden

[Breno] Avalon Lifeguard Tower, Avalon Rug, Wine bottle, Wine Glasses – New Releases for The Garden

Trompe Loeil – Hanging Line With Photos, Frame Brown With Photos – New Releases for The Garden

Trompe Loeil – Barrel Table white New Release for Collabor88

floorplan. typewriter / black  New Release for Arcade

floorplan. string lights New Release for The Garden

floorplan. open heart book

*Second Spaces* domino set New Release for Arcade

Culprit Starfishy Candle, StarFishy, Grotty Lifering, Trifin Shower  Bali (mod) – New Releases for Summerfest

Kuro – Lantern (Black) New Release

:CP: Margarita Beach Tiki Parasol

Dutchie envelopes, travel clock, antique cast iron radiator

TA Excess FlipFlops

Botanical – Beach Boardwalks, Sand Barrier Fence, Beach grass, white sand textures – New Releases for Summerfest

Second Spaces books

{ ililo } Ind. Lamp (alloy)

Trompe Loeil – Gramercy Steamer Trunk Gray (mod)

Virtual nature wooden window blinds

Eclypse Basket of Crabs, Basket of Oysters

[bauwerk] Wine on the beach brown, Beach Radio Brown New Releases for Summerfest


3 Comments on “Lets swim to the moon, climbing to the Stars♥

  1. Lovely shot, so I was wondering do you just put these together and then take them down? or do you leave them up for a few days until you think of something else? I would really love to see this in world before you took it down . 🙂 its just so detailed..

  2. that the 3Ds provide a much nedeed hold over before the house begins to take shape. They can see the end of the tunnel. After walking the house closer to completion, they say It is like I have been here before! Generally folks who are building their dream home have collected tons of pictures. They know what they like but they do not know if these things will look right in their own home. 3Ds get rid of that fear. They move forward with the contract to build, because they KNOW it is going to be wonderful! Pat has told me that after she takes a generic plan and adds her frills, the clients see these things and want them. That is extra money in the builders pocket AND happy clients. Cannot beat that!

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