With arms wide saying welcome, Neva Sky Villi is now open♥

villiopen 1500

The color of shiver, last moments of silent hindrance unveiling what wants to see the sun.. I listen to you singing, pretending i didn’t notice so as to not trigger a shy. The lyrics, twisted cobblestone moss paths reflecting so much ..sounds then you flash a smile accompanied by a glimpse on one of the road signs ..Instead of sunday we shall meet tonight, see you there♥Sky Villi

Like a puzzle it was, no definite direction it felt, days of brainstorming ahead.. mind boggling it made. Placing thoughts in sheets, sharing concrete things the process of evaluation team work like a dance to a synchronise movement of brush. Form follows function ..structures begin to appear *smiles* Our heartfelt thanks goes to the following creative minds  – ♥Tiina Serrao, Agustkov, eku Zhong, Kriss Lehmann, Kendra Zaurak  and Annan Adored♥.


8 Comments on “With arms wide saying welcome, Neva Sky Villi is now open♥

  1. Hi Neva
    I have been following your blog since long time, and, i still have problems with your Blog’s new design, maybe its just me, but, i think was more friendly to surf the previous, and we could see the pics bigger, since the first view to the site. Now, we can see them so fine, but we need more clicks, anyway….. i love your blogs and your style, thanks so much for sharing your ideas with us.

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