Mild when decorated.




Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug@Collabor

Scarlet Creative Rustic Lace Table

POST – Snapp Glogg Service

Scarlet Creative Foundry Hide Sofa Cotton@Shiny Shabby

Junk – animal rug

Pixel Mode – Milk Can, Frame – Mode Nativity@TLC




Neva’s complete sim designing.

I offer complete sim/parcel building, landscaping and interior design. My skills involve, scenic countrysides, rustic, vintage and realism.

I strictly use existing builds in my sim designs from renowned SL creators. I am not creating builds or objects.

Service rates.

The Full Region – 200K

The Homestead – 120K

Apart from the services i offer above, i also do seasonal updates (autumn, winter, summer and spring – landscaping and redeco according to current season) provided the sim was designed and worked on by me before.

The Full Region – 40K

The Homestead – 25K

After i recieve details regarding how the sim should be decorated, i will completly take over the entire work and modelling from there. Please note that i may have to charge an extra of 25k if last minute changes should happen within the concept and idea i choose for the particular sim, so kindly pls. be precise in which theme or deco the sim should be before i start my work.

When the process is done, i will enable it so that the owner can edit/move around the objects/things i rezzed.
Thank you for your interest,
Cheers, Neva
P.S.Feel free to contact me inworld via notecard, “private message” may be capped.






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