Black Milk@Club&chill


Neva River Estates and Shiny Shabby Group now present you a new club – Black Milk!

Join us every Saturday at Sky Villi or Shiny Shabby Sim and enjoy the cool bits.

All updates about upcoming events you can find on my Flickr and blog.

Black Milk at Sky Villi

Black Milk at Shiny Shabby Event Sim


*All questions regarding hosting DJ’s/Parties kindly contact Ŋ.ε.ℓ.ş. (nelscat.kanya)


Be a part of Neva River Estates today!
We now also provide advertising space in the form of billboards which are distributed throughout the club.

Your (banner/ad) are also scripted in a way that when shoppers click on them, they will receive a notecard with all the necessary infos about the store.

Below are rates of service:

Advertising billboards starts at 2K per month.
For reservations kindly send Neva Crystall-Blessed a notecard inworld.


This Suturday, May 2nd@Black Milk at Sky Villi


See you there!


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