Baby’s ear

Babys ear for blog


The ever ember desire for the other. Mutual perception of two people ..This is our Baby’s ear.


We Welcome You to our home away from home:) Here is your LM. Sim will be open at July 10th, 1pm SLT for 2 weeks for you to visit.

There are no fences nor bannlines throughout the sim, so let free your wanderlust and enjoy your stay!

I would love to Thank from the bottom of my heart the talented Designers who created all those extremely beautiful and realistic items I used to decorate my Land. They were my inspiration and it wouldn’t be possible without them!

Special Thanks to: Fanatik Architecture, POST, Zerkalo, Junk, Little Branch, Skye, Trompe Loeil, Scarlet Creative, Kunst, RASP, Revival, BoOgErS, N4RS, Apt B, Dutchie, HIDEKI, Seven Imporium.


We also would like to inform you that furnitures may have *adult content*.

Kindly refrain from using them as to respect other visitors who may be in the vicinity.

Thank you so much Ziki for wonderful imagestaken at Baby’s ear<3



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