Neva River Estates.

iOS vacant parcels

Neva River Estates

since 2011

Thank you for your interest in renting at Neva River Estates.

Neva River Estates is a premium SL community living currently consisting of three residential sims:
Neva Sky Villi

Neva. iOS

Neva River
Neva River Rentals Information.

Basic parcel (600 prims): L$2500 per week

Premium parcel (1000 prims): L$3750 per week

Please note that we do not allow any kind of altering/replacing any of the exterior decorations around the house without contacting us (tress, bushes, ground textures, etc).

It is possible to change the current building for your parcel however you should contact us first to ensure it wouldn’t interfere with the sim style. You will have 1000 prims total for your interior/exterior deco.

This allows us to make sure that overall look and style of the community stays the same. Interior deco however can be decorated according to your own taste.

Please contact Neva Crystall (NevaCrystall) for parcel availability.


Vacant Parcel, Updated June’18th:

All parcels mentioned on Flickr are sold out. kindly contact Neva Crystall (NevaCrystall) for parcel availability.


Thank you for visiting Neva River Estates!

Neva river logo2

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