Saint-Pete City.


As the glorious sun slowly sets upon the new city, there is a magical light that comes not only from the sky above but also from something deeper, something that you can not only see but feel, something that resonates with the spirit. You encounter a warmth that surrounds you, a comfort, and a home… a distinct sense of timelessness. When you decide to excitedly look around and explore, you stroll through thriving and vibrant shop-filled streets; quiet, quant, and quite lovely neighborhoods where laughter comes to life; a vintage playground and relaxing squares where the sound of the fountains becomes music. There are hidden paths where, once you curiously follow them, you smile and think you may have stumbled onto an undiscovered Diagon Alley. There is the joy of ringing bells and happy people as they traverse the city on their bicycles. There is a rich history here that is awake and breathing with life, waiting to be discovered.

It is a city of wonder, of noises and sweet delights, of treasures waiting to be found, of stories.

You realize that perhaps you may never want to leave.

Welcome to Saint Pete City

The inspiring new city will open on September 25th at 12 pm SLT. Join us and add your story, add your laughter, and have some fun.

There will be music provided by the talented Nels and Antonio. Party will starts at 1 PM SLT. See you then.♥

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