Shiny Shabby Events_Jan 30th


Dear BlackMilkers and friends,

What is art? I am sure that many answers are to be found and all may be correct, for art is a vision and lies differently in each eye. But as i see it, exactly these differences are the key itself which opens the gate of true art, may we understand it or not.

We, @ Art Walk Gallery, sponsored by Shiny Shabby, have been truly blessed with artists who allowed us to enter into their unique and beau worlds, touch the light and the dark with which they painted their own creations itself and for that, we thank you all.

Today, i happily invite you to walk with us, among the wonderful creations of an amazing person and artist, SourTea, which awaits for you at Shiny Shabby, starting @11 AM SLT.

After we have fed our sights and minds, we will party as we only know to @ BlackMilk located in the same sim, Shiny Shabby, starting with 12 PM SLT.

Hope to see you all there!

Love, Neva & Shiny Shabby team<33

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