Photo Competition – From Shiny to Shabby Art Gallery/ShinyShabby Events_April


The Art Gallery “From Shiny to Shabby” will take place once each 3 months, opening for the first time, in the new concept, on 30th of april 11 PM SLT at Shiny Shabby, followed by Black Milk party.

It consists out of 3 categories:

– Futuristic,

– Contemporary,

– Vintage,

representing our footsteps along the road of our life.

Sometimes we head to the shiny ending and when we almost get there, we turn our heads back, looking at the shabby path we left behind.

Sometimes we return and sometimes we don’t know which path to follow and consider ourselves lost but, what we don’t realize is that, even being lost is a way of living that can bring us such feelings and emotions, that makes us feel alive!

In the end, no matter which path you follow, shiny or shabby, your life is a gift and it’s memories are the greatest art.

Everyone is welcome to participate, however there is one condition to it: each picture must contain at least 1 item from the current round of Shiny Shabby Event.

All images must be posted in the special flickr group “Shiny Shabby Art Gallery Competition” and have in description the item from Shiny Shabby ( no landmark required, just name the item).

Also, the title should contain the category you apply for!

No blog posts allowed, artistic images only!

On 28th of april 12 PM SLT, group will be closed for posting and the best images per category will be chosen and placed on the 30th at Shiny Shabby Art Gallery.
During the Black Milk party at the same location, people can vote the best image exposed at the Art Gallery and the winner will receive from Shiny Shabby Team, a prize of 10.000 L$.

The <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Shiny Shabby Art Gallery Competition</a> – Flickr group is now open until 28th of April!
Good luck to everyone and looking forward to see your amazing captures!

Shiny Shabby Team

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