Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure to inform you that starting today, Neva Estates awards its residents!

Because all of you who are part of the Neva Estates Community, support us and turn the beautiful empty houses into the homes of your dreams, by giving them the life feeling that has been waiting for, we have decided to award you! As you support us month by month, we will support you also because we believe in the little things that can bring lots of happiness!

On the 1st of each month, we will have a lottery in which all Neva Estates tenants names will be put in!
The name of the winner will be chosen randomly and will win 3 weeks free rental at his parcel / villa!
Each month you can win a pay 1 week and get 3 weeks free only because you are part of our community and we care about each and one of you!

The only condition to participate is, to have a length of at least 2 months within Neva Estates Residential!

Thank you everyone for the amazing support and good luck,




Neva Estates Residential

since 2011

Thank you for your interest in renting at Neva Estates Residential.


Available parcels:

Neva River – 

􀀂􀀂Neva River, Lakeside, 1000 prims

Fairview, Neva River, 850 prims

Neva River Village – 

Neva River Village, Riverview, 1000 prims

Neva River Village, Springvale, 700 prims

Neva River Village, Sunnyside, 700 prims

Witsend, Neva River Village, 800 prims

The Lodge, Neva River Village, 600 prims

Neva IoS

Bluegums, Isle of Serendipity, 1000 prims

Saint Pete City

Nothing available at this moment

Kindly contact Neva Xenga (Nevacrystall Resident) for parcel availability.


Neva Estates is a premium SL community living currently consisting of three residential sims and a city:

Neva River

Basic parcel (600 prims): L$2500 per week

Premium parcel (1000 prims): L$3750 per week

*Note: Houses may be changed if you wish so, as long as they keep the region’s style.


Neva River Village

Standard parcel (300 prims): L$1125 per week

Standard plus parcel (500 prims): L$1875 per week

Basic parcel (600 prims): L$2500 per week

Basic Plus parcel (700 prims): L$2625 per week

Basic Ultra parcel (800 prims): L$3000 per week

Premium parcel (1000 prims): L$3750 per week

*Note: Houses may be changed if you wish so, as long as they keep the same style and size as the ones already rezzed.
In order to keep the same style through all region, if you consider to change your house by yourself, please IM first Neva Xenga (NevaCrystall Resident) and provide a printscreen of the house you would like to have.


Neva IoS

Basic parcel (600 prims): L$2500 per week

Premium parcel (1000 prims): L$3750 per week
*Note: Houses may be changed if you wish so, as long as they keep the region’s style.


Saint Pete City

Villa style (200 prims) : L$750 per week

*Note: St. Pete City is not a fully residential sim, therefore, there will be no parcels with full rights. Houses cannot be changed, neither exterior decoration or windows textures (everything that can affect the sim’s image is not allowed).
The Villas have however privacy settings so residents cannot be bothered and access is strictly limited to ones the resident chooses to allow.

As a member of Neva Estates community, you will have early access to Shiny Shabby, a unique vintage-themed shopping event that brings together some of the most talented SL designers!


Please note we DO NOT refund so, kindly take your time to decide.
Once an amount is deposited, the duration of stay is instantly effective.

Please note that there is not allowed any kind of altering/replacing any of the exterior decorations around the house without contacting Neva Xenga (NevaCrystall Resident) (trees, bushes, ground textures, etc).

It is possible to change the current building for your parcel, as mentioned in the Notes below each region’s rental plan.

It is important to make sure that overall look and style of the community stays the same. Interior deco however can be decorated according to your own taste.

IMPORTANT: All builds and deco are included in the parcel’s prims.
Example: Your parcel has 1000 prims, out of which 270 prims consist of house and other land deco, that means you can rezz the difference of 730 available prims.

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