Rent your HOME today with NESTATES!


Neva Estates Residential

since 2011


Available parcels:

Neva River:

Neva River, Inglenook, 1500 prims


Isle of Serendipity, Old School, 1000 prims

Isle of Serendipity, Gossamer, 1000 prims

Isle of Serendipity, Highclere, 600 prims

Isle of Serendipity, Ashville, 500 prims

Isle of Serendipity, Riverwood 300 prims

Neva River Village:

Neva River Village, Seaside View, 1000 prims

Neva River Village, Wisteria Cottage, 1000 prims

Witsend, Neva River Village, 800 prims

Neva River Village, Sunnyside, 700 prims

Neva River Village, The Ivy House, 600 prims

St-Pete City:

nothing available atm

kindly contact Neva Xenga (Nevacrystall Resident) if you are interested to get one.


Beautiful images by talented LOVERDAG!

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