St-Pete City, New available Apartments


Neva Estates Residential

since 2011

St-Pete City. When u need the  wonders, noises and sweet delights of a magical city burried in stories and treasures waiting to be found, open the gates of St. Pete, i put my heart into it..

New AVAILABLE Apartments at St-Pete City:

*IMPORTANT! Read the rules before renting with us! Once you paid the rental box, we consider that you have read the rules and agreed to our terms.

St. Pete City is not a fully residential sim, therefore, there will be no parcels with full rights. Houses cannot be changed, neither exterior decoration or windows textures (everything that can affect the sim’s image is not allowed).
The Villas have however privacy settings so residents cannot be bothered and access is strictly limited to ones the resident chooses to allow.

As a member of Neva Estates community, you will have early access to Shiny Shabby and The Crossroads events.

-Saint-Pete City- Apartment N2 (2nd floor)

-Saint-Pete City- Apartment N3 (2nd floor)

-Saint-Pete City- Apartment N4 (2nd floor)

-Saint-Pete City- Apartment N9

-Saint-Pete City- Apartment N15

-Saint-Pete City- Apartment  N16

Please IM NevaCrystall Resident or Keon Xenga for available land rentals.

Thank you for visiting Neva Estates!


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