Neva Estates Residential

since 2011


Available parcels:

Neva River:

nothing available atm


Isle of Serendipity, Lavender Cottage, 600 prims – L$2250 per week

Neva River Village:

Neva River Village, Mount Pleasant, 1000 prims – L$3750 per week

Neva River Village, Sunnyside, 700 prims – L$2625 per week

Neva River Village, Springvale, 700 prims – L$2625 per week

St-Pete City:

On April 10th, St-Pete City will be closed for an indefinite period of time due to me working on a brand new project. While I cannot be sure about the time it will take to complete, I am excited and looking forward to sharing it with all of you in the future.

I know this news is bittersweet, but it is a new beginning and I am confident that it will bring improvement and positive change!

Kindly contact Neva Crystall (Nevacrystall Resident) if you are interested to get one.

Grab your infopack INWORLD

Thank you for your interest!

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