Neva Estates Residential

since 2011


Available parcels:

Neva River:

Neva River, Barn House, 850 prims – L$3150 per week


Isle of Serendipity, Bayern House, 1000 prims – L$3750 per week

Isle of Serendipity , Donnelly, 500 prims – L$1875 per week


Neva River Village:

Neva River Village, The Lea , 1000 prims – L$3750 per week

The Lodge, Neva River Village, 600 prims – L$2250 per week


Kindly contact Neva Crystall (Nevacrystall Resident) if you are interested to get one.

Grab your infopack INWORLD

Thank you for your interest, all the love, Neva

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