Nestates. Available homes/April’19


Neva Estates Residential –

beautiful residential sims with full rights parcels.

All houses are situated in decorated and elaborately landscaped surroundings, but tenants are able to change their buildings and landscapes.

Tenants also have early access to Shiny Shabby and get Nutmeg’s new releases as complimentary gifts.



IMPORTANT: All builds and deco are included in the parcel’s prims.
Example: Your parcel has 1000 prims, out of which 270 prims consist of house and other land deco, that means you can rezz the difference of 730 available prims.




Available parcels:

Neva River:

Nothing available atm





Teleport to Ellika



Neva River Village:


Teleport to Garden Bard Abode



Teleport to Rose




Thank you for visiting Neva Estates!

Contact us inworld –


Ines Lauria

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