Floral Napoleon by LaGyo


Floral napoleonby LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Body and Head(snow)_Miriel by *DOLLCOCO* (cocoro Lemon)


Trees, grass, swing – all by all by HappyMood (sasaya kayo)




Hello Everybody! Today I’m showing to you new wonderful creations from Sissy Pessoa, her Shirley mesh sweater and Corte mesh shorts and for decor I used new awesome Bag Narry from Chandelle.

Hope you will like it!♥


Skin: Nico Peach makeup1 by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Hair: “Yuri3″ (Cat’s eye)(Ribbon) by D!va (Marisa Kira)

Top: Shirley mesh sweater-azure/old gold by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Shorts: Corte shorts-brown by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Bag: Marry. brown by CHANDELLE NEW!!!

Feet: MeshFeet by Similar Footwear (Simone Bonham)

Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink 

Shoes: Cottage Flats ~ Beige by mon tissu (Elie Spot)

Hope you all have a marvelous week!



Look#9 Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day my Lovies!

For my Valentine’s pictures I’ve chosen beautiful creations from Sissy Pessoa and Gyorgyna Larnia, hope you will like it!♥


Hair: KED937 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura)

Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase blonde by booN (boo Nakamura)

Skin: Florrie Skin/mekeup/ Summer by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt)

Necklace: Ippolita necklace red by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) NEW!!!

Scarf: Big Fall scarf-red by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa)

Top: Helena sweater-red by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Skirt: Le Romantique skirt-red by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink 

Pose by Del May

Scene details:

Gazebo and red carpet by Zigana (Nalena Fairey)

Chairs and wool carpets by *Y’s HOUSE* (yacchan.clip)

english tea cups by cluttered flowey (flutter.memel) for The seasons gatcha 

Trees by Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)

Beagle laying Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell)

Location: My own home at Blues

Please feel free to visit it and walk around:)

Love and hugs♥



Hello Everybody! Hope you are all great:) So here are new awesome releases last week:

Bourbon Hair from Gia Pawpad for A CHIC Back to Black  Event and Paper Cream Dress from Miffyhoi Rosca for TFG, the adorable accessories I’m wearing are from Gyorgyna Larnia.

Hope you will like them♥

Here is your Taxi to Back to Black  Event

and taxi to TFG, Enjoy!


Skin: Florrie Skin/mekeup/ Summer by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt)

Hair: Bourbon – Brown by LoQ Hair for Back to Black Event (Gia Pawpad) NEW!!!

Dress: Paper (Cream) by Zenith (Miffyhoi Rosca) Available at TFG (Feb6-20) NEW!!!

Necklace: Padlock by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Ring: Anais by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Hat: Padlock top hatby LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink 

Scene details:

Piano with sits  – Teak by LISP (Pandora Popstar)

 rusty candlestick and books by Art Dummy! (gala.charron)

books and  romance lace by Picnic (nyasyousa.oh)

House dark.chocolate by Nordari (jordan.giant)

Flowers by iTuTu (Kao Sands)

Location: Neva River Sim

Have a marvelous week and

Happy Valentines Day to all of you my dear friends!



Amanda and Mina by SoliDea FoliEs

Hello hello everybody!!

Today Stephy and me showing to you New wonderful releases by Mila Tatham, amazing dresses Amanda and Mina. Look at picture bellow, hope you will like them!:)=**

Your limo to SoliDea FoliEs at Modavia Fashion Market♥


On Stephy:

Hair: booN FTN683 hair blonde by booN (boo Nakamura)

Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase blonde by booN (boo Nakamura)

Eyelashes: 31 Extralong by REDGRAVE (Emilia Redgrave)

Skin:  Daph Pale  by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt)

Dress1: Amanda  by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!!

Dress2: Mina by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!!

Earrings:  Xenia earrings by Donna Flora

Hands: de Jolie Hands v1.1 Relaxed by SLink 

Feet:  Gold Bare Foot Tip Toe by Maitreya  (Onyx LeShelle)

On Neva:

Hair: booN FTN683 hair blondeby booN (boo Nakamura)

Hairbase: gathered lower hairbase black by booN (boo Nakamura)

Eyelashes: Fancy. eyelashes Coque by [glow] Studio (Jocelyn Anatine)

Skin:  Florrie Skin/ Pale by ITGIRLS (annie.jolifaunt)

Dress1: Amanda /black by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!!

Dress2: Mina/Black by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham) NEW!!!

Ring1: Shield rings gold/black Lhand by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Ring2: Dano by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Earrings: Blanche black by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Nails: Classic Nails by Izzie’s (Izzie Button) NEW!!!

Feet: MeshFeet by Similar Footwear (Simone Bonham)

Poses by Del May

Scene details:

Grand Piano and candles by LISP (Pandora Popstar)

Violin by Satoko (Satoko Kohime)

Snowy Cattails by New Trails (vitrail Illios)




Hello hello everyone! I’m getting crazy, so many new releases at the same time in SL. So here I’m showing to you awesome designs from TFG warehouse.

Your limo to TFG!


Hair: * WINDBLOWN 2 * /brown by EMO-tions (Mirja Mills)

Skin: Diwani Skin MakeUp 3+shaved hairbase by UZURI (Bella Bombast) NEW!!!

Glasses: Bozena sunglasses Sherbet by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Earrings: Nubia /Black by NHA!  (Kyrha Bouscario) Available at TFG (Feb6-20) NEW!!!

Top:  Classic Tiger Tank by illmatic  (kaiden.trill) Available at TFG (Feb6-20) NEW!!!

Necklace: Eva Maxi boules necklace sulfur by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Bungles: all bangles by KOSH (Lynaja Bade)

Shorts: Bleached Madness Jean Shorts by SIMPLICITE (luciousmami.emerald) NEW!!!

Leggins: Milda Black by Miamai (Monica Outlander) NEW!!!

Bag: Lana Leather Tote by Fleshtone (stevenzuuh.gossipgirl) Available at TFG (Feb6-20) NEW!!!

Shoes: La Cheville Cale Boot by Mùlaan Kiyokomari Rouge Available at TFG (Feb6-20) NEW!!!

Loudfone 980 – MultiTex (Mesh) by Stuff Store (Crias Rowlands)


Guardrail galvanaized by FMA (agathe.latte)

Cactus by FMA (agathe.latte)

Vintage BillBoard by Virtual Decay (maddison.mokeev)

Utility Poles System by Vikki Placebo (vikki.placebo)



Flower Clutches by GizzA

Hello hello everybody! Hope you are all good:)

Well I’m here to show you the beautiful mesh releases this week from Giz Seorn, she always amazes me with her elegant, colorful and creative designs! The new wonderful collection goes with Coctail and Daily Cardigans, Trousers, Dotty, Wool and Leather Blouses, Cotton and Leather Pencil Skirt and bags.

I’m in awe with those adorable Flower Clutches so I decided to choose them as main detail and made pics in 2 diferent styles, hope you will like them!:**

Grab your limo to GizzA mainstore here!:)♥


Look 1:

Skin: Linn Natural 09 by by Glam Affair (Aida ewing)

Hair: Bella_LBlonde03 by BURLEY (Bella Earst)

Glasses:  Meredith (black) by glow studio (anemisk.karu)

Cardigan: – Daily Mesh [argly soil] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Pants: Classic Trousers – Mesh [beige] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Bag:  Mesh Clutch Bags [Brown Flower] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Bangles: Hula bangle by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Rings: Noa 3 stones rings by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Hands: Real Hands by RedPoly (RedPoly Inventor)

Look 2:

Skin: Lovisa [Fair] 01 by LAQ (mallory.cowen)

Hair: Hair “Yuri3” (Black amber)(Ribbon) by D!va (Marisa Kira)

Cardigan: – Daily Mesh [argly burgundy] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Pants: Classic Trousers – Mesh  [terra-cotta] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Bag:  Mesh Clutch Bags [Green Flower] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Bangle: Love roulette bracelets copper by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Hands: Real Hands by RedPoly (RedPoly Inventor)

Poses by Del May

Scene details:

pic 1:


Yacht: NP40 Luxury Power Boat 1.42 by Cigar Yachts

Part of Roya House by BAZAR

pic 2: 

House: rain in east europe by Nordari (jordan.giant)

Trees, grass – all by all by HappyMood (sasaya kayo)

Have a wonderful week! love♥


News! OlegDouValentine Skin by JeSyLiLO

NEW simply fantastic skin by Lilo Glom for you!  15  skins come with so many additionals like: 15 shapes for every skin, eyes, fantsy tattoes on body and hairbase.

Grab your limo to the JeSyLiLO store!:)


Skin: OlegDouValentine by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW!!!

Headbend: Blue roses by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)



Vessel headpiece by LaGyo

Hello hello! Hope you all  have a wonderful weekend!:)

Well guys… you know… I am an awe with Gyorgyna Larnia’s creations and her head pieces are simply amazing! She sent me her awesome accessories recently and I fell in love with all of them! Here is a Vessel head piece, look at pic bellow, hope you will like it!:)


Skin: OlegDouValentine, CreemTon*J9 by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW!!!

Hat: Vessel headpiece peacock mustard by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Necklace:  Eva Maxi boules necklace marble by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Dress: Devine Dream by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham)NEW!!!

Pose by Del May

Scene details:

Vessel headpieces by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)

Have a marvelous weekend!



Winter Gazebo

Hello everybody! I hope you all have a great Thursday:)

Well I was searching for a beautiful winter gazebo so long  and I couldn’t find anything suitable for my place and today I was cleaning up that crazy mess in my inventory and tadaaam! I found it! In my closet! haha I guess I bought it about 3 months ago and of course I forgot about this wonderful creation by Zigana. I just added it at my winter place and it looks amazing – cozy winter gazebo with a sea view! Look at pics bellow, hope you will like them:)

Feel free to visit my place and walk around, Always welcome! 🙂



Gazebo and red carpet by Zigana (Nalena Fairey)

Chairs and wool carpets by *Y’s HOUSE* (yacchan.clip)

english tea cups by cluttered flowey (flutter.memel) for The seasons gatcha 

Sculpted Pavement heavy snow by Zacca  (CROSS Jupiter)

Linton Teacup Bird Feeder – Midnight by CP (isla.gealach) for The seasons gatcha 

Trees by Botanical (Kriss Lehmann)


Snow Summit Cabin by What next  (franklee.anatra)

wood boat {blue wood} by mdrm (naonao2.ellils)

Landing pier[wide] by MMG’s (masomaso.quan)

Ground Light by EarthDwellings (abraxxa.anatine)


Car 01GRAY C3100 by GARAGE R.H. (renn.luik)

Feel free to visit my home when I am offline:)

many kisses:**

love♥, Neva

My cozy home at Neva River Sim

Attantion my dear friends! The Sim is closed now for reconstuction!

Thank you for understanding!:)♥

Hello, hello! And again about interiors, you know I am crazy about it! So Im finally finished decorating my little home at Neva River sim and took some pics there. It made mostly in grunge style which I adore and I hope you will like them!♥


House dark.chocolate by Nordari (jordan.giant)

illumination light by MELIA  (alia.woodells)

Furni and accessories:

POST (Van Auster)

Tatty Soup (artificial.gloom)

 The seasons gatcha 

*Y’s HOUSE* (yacchan.clip)

Art Dummy! (gala.charron)

LISP (Pandora Popstar)

North West (Lili Brink)

What next  (franklee.anatra)

iTuTu (Kao Sands)

Picnic (nyasyousa.oh)

Kopi (surfash.bade)

Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell)

Little Boxes (winston.ackland)

BP* (bettiepage.voyager)

Golden Oriole (oriolus.oliva)

Turnip’s (turnip.sorbet)

VOONER  (vooner.voom)

Location: Neva River Sim

All pictures on walls by Gapchinska, amazing russian artist

**If you need more detailed info pls feel free to contact me here or inworld:)

Have a wonderful day/night!





Skin: Diwani Skin makeup1+shaved hairbase by UZURI (Bella Bombast)NEW!!!

Teeth: from Bella Skin pack by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave) NEW!!!

Eyes:Bella Desire, from Bella Skin pack by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave) NEW!!!

Eyelashes: Innocent lashes – Pure by glow studio (Jocelyn Anatine)

Necklace: Mimba Necklace (Gold) by UZURI (Bella Bombast)NEW!!!

Dress: MANNY DRESS by CHANTKARE (Applonia Criss)

Leggins: Milda Black by Miamai (Monica Outlander) NEW!!!

Socks: Arva  Socks ( Black ) by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)

Shoes: Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black) by LeLutka (Thora Charon)

Pose by Del May


house Abiss Minime Series III by Abiss Interior (Frasha Boa)

Lamp and accessories by by NsB (emilie.freund)

Hope you will like it:)

Love♥, Neva

LolliPop Dress by GizzA

Hello, hello! Here is New awesome release by Giz Seorn! This is absolutelly wonderful LolliPop Dress in floral, black, cream, green, pinky, red and yellow colors. Available now for 400L in GizzA Main Store.

Grab your limo here!:)♥


Dress:  LolliPop Dress [Floral] by GizzA (Giz Seorn) NEW!!!

Skin: Julie Skin LightSkin ton 1, by JeSyLiLO (Lilo Glom) NEW!!!

Hair: “Yuri3” (Cat’s eye) by D!va (Marisa Kira)

Necklace: long pearl necklace II *white by AA (aya Huldschinsky)

Earrings:  tear drop earring gold by AA (aya Huldschinsky)

Feet: MeshFeet by Similar Footwear (Simone Bonham)

Hands: Real Hands by RedPoly (RedPoly Inventor)

Pose by Del May

Scene details:

Trees, grass, swing – all by all by HappyMood (sasaya kayo)

House The Shoe Shiner’s Cottage whitey salt and peppered by Turnip (Turnip Sorbet)

White Wood Fence, Flower cart and flower basket by iTuTu (Kao Sands)

Hope you will like it!





Skin : Nico Peach makeup1 by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa) NEW!!!

Necklace: Sachin necklace – Lana version by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) for The Dressing Room BLUE NEW!!!

Crown: Lana rose by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) for The Dressing Room BLUE NEW!!!

Dress: Part of Devine Dream by SoliDea FoliEs (Mila Tatham)NEW!!!

Hair: WINDBLOWN III*/brown by EMO-tions (Mirja Mills)

Scene: Lana rose crown by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia) modified

Have a marvelous week beautiful people!



Cozy winter

Attantion my dear friends! The Sim is closed now for reconstuction!

Thank you for understanding!:)♥

Hello, Hello! And again about beautiful SL’s winter time. I simply enjoying creating decorations and landscapes and I just can’t wait when spring will come  but winter is still here:) Today I took several pictures at our sim, hope you will like them! Muahh!


All animals by Sculpty Creations Animals (Jon Haskell)

Lighted Winter Oak Tree by New Trails  (vitrail.illios)

Trees by Botanical (Kriss Lehmann) and LILITH HEART (lilith.heart)

Grass Pre-linked Winter Valley Grass by New Trails  (vitrail.illios)


Sculpted Pavement heavy snow by Zacca  (CROSS Jupiter)

Park Bench (Snowy edition) by Tesla’s Effects (Tesla Tripsa)

Baskets by *Y’s HOUSE* (yacchan.clip)

Chaiyya Tree Cups by North West (Lili Brink)

Location: Neva River Sim