RK Poses@RLD Event




The bento female poses are now available @ RLD Event

so take the cab and enjoy them!

RKKN Urban Set@Shiny Shabby


Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce the opening of our new store which will focus on clothes & accessories – RKKN.

Our first Urban set, consisting in Beanie with Hair, Goggles and Gas Mask is now available at Shiny Shabby Event so feel free to check it out!

Hope you enjoy and thank you for the amazing support,


RK Poses&Nutmeg

Kate's Closet_VemdorRemi's Closet_Vendor

RK Poses. Kate’s Closet&Remi’s Closet are made custom for Nutmeg’s Vintage French Chair and include 6 single male and female animations. Please note that the chair does not come included in the pack.

Poses are available now Inworld or Marketplace!

The Vintage French Chair can be found at Shiny Shabby!

Thank you and hope you enjoy, Keon&Neva

RK Poses for The Crossroads_August round

FinnIrinaMomentsAll of you

Hello everyone!

Here are the couples, female&male single poses prepared for The Crossroads, August Round starting on 3rd of August!

We hope you enjoy,

Keon & Neva

RK poses for Shiny Shabby_May’16

A man's dream

Say my name

Kiss me




Hello everyone!

Here are a new poses for Shiny Shabby May Round starting on 20th of may!

We hope you enjoy,

Keon & Neva

RK Poses. Beyond words

Beyond words

Hello guys,

Here is the latest couple pose available now @ Mainstore

We hope you enjoy and thank you for the amazing support,

Keon and Neva

RK Poses for Shiny Shabby/April round

My all for Shiny Shabby

Right here for Shiny Shabby

Be mine for Shiny Shabby

Mags for Shiny Shabby



Hello everyone,

Here is one of the couple poses prepared for Shiny Shabby Event , april round which begins on 20th of april, 12 PM SLT!

We hope you enjoy and thank you for the support,

Keon & Neva

RK Poses. As long as i got you GROUP GIFT

As long as i got you Gift

Hello everyone,

We want to thank you for the amazing support that you gave us and because words are not enough to do this, we prepared a special gift for you, which we hope you enjoy!

It is available now@ Mainstore , so please grab the group in case you dont have it, and take your pose!

Thank you again and enjoy the weekend,

Keon & Neva