We are present our new release, a collaboration with .Shi that I hope you guys will love. Available at Shiny Shabby!


Dark Decadence Set – .Shi at Shiny Shabby

Join the Group and grab beautiful Gift – Choc Souffle, available only at event.

.Shi – Flagship Store


One World Set – Nutmeg at Shiny Shabby

Group Gift for this round – Paper Bag, available only at event.





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Nutmeg. Kate’s Vintage Collection@Shiny Shabby


Nutmeg’s Kate’s Vintage Collection will be available now at Shiny Shabby event!

Shiny Shabby INWORLD

Hope you enjoy these!♥

Vintage Collection Set of Chairs with multiple uses such as decor, hang & chill – single female and male animations, couples animations and, none the less, photography – 12 exclusive single static poses (6 female and 6 male) and 3 couple poses.
Indivudial Chairs with single animations.






Shiny Shabby AUGUST Round.


Shiny Shabby August round is now open and offering you a fantastic selection of various items.

Check out the shopping guide and make sure to stop by!


Shiny Shabby INWORLD

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Dear Friends,

Here are new poses we made for The Crossroads, which will start on October 3rd, 12 PM SLT.

Your taxi here! Hope you like them and see you there!







Hello everyone!

Our amazing creators for you with their wonderful creations in Shiny Shabby August round!

Get excited and have fun shopping!
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see you there!

Shiny Shabby Team

RK poses for Shiny Shabby/August round


Dear Friends,

Here are 2 new couple poses we made for Shiny Shabby! which will start on August 20th 12 PM SLT.

Hope you like them! See you there!


Shiny Shabby AUGUST Round // OPENING August 20th, 12 PM SLT



Hello everyone!

Our amazing creators for you with their wonderful creations in Shiny Shabby August round!

Get excited and have fun shopping!
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see you there!

Shiny Shabby Team

RK poses for Shiny Shabby_July 20th

Home in your arms



Hello everyone!

Here are the couples, female&male single poses prepared for Shiny Shabby July Round starting on 20th of July!

We hope you enjoy,

Keon & Neva

Shiny Shiny MAY Round // OPENING May 20th, 12 PM SLT



more than 80 amazing creators for you with their wonderful creations in Shiny Shabby May round!

Get excited and have fun shopping!
Your taxi here!

see you there!

RK Poses for Shiny Shabby/April round

My all for Shiny Shabby

Right here for Shiny Shabby

Be mine for Shiny Shabby

Mags for Shiny Shabby



Hello everyone,

Here is one of the couple poses prepared for Shiny Shabby Event , april round which begins on 20th of april, 12 PM SLT!

We hope you enjoy and thank you for the support,

Keon & Neva

Shiny Shiny APRIL Round // OPENING April 20th, 12 PM SLT

April 20thSSfinal

Dear tenants!

Dont forget that you have early access to Shiny Shabby Event until today noon, 12 pm SLT! After this, the event will be oficially open to everyone and you might experience difficulties getting in. Enjoy and have fun shopping!


Official openning on April 20th at 12 pm SLT. 84 amazing creators for you with their wonderful creations in Shiny Shabby April round!

Get excited and have fun shopping!

see you there!



Photo Competition – From Shiny to Shabby Art Gallery/ShinyShabby Events_April


The Art Gallery “From Shiny to Shabby” will take place once each 3 months, opening for the first time, in the new concept, on 30th of april 11 PM SLT at Shiny Shabby, followed by Black Milk party.

It consists out of 3 categories:

– Futuristic,

– Contemporary,

– Vintage,

representing our footsteps along the road of our life.

Sometimes we head to the shiny ending and when we almost get there, we turn our heads back, looking at the shabby path we left behind.

Sometimes we return and sometimes we don’t know which path to follow and consider ourselves lost but, what we don’t realize is that, even being lost is a way of living that can bring us such feelings and emotions, that makes us feel alive!

In the end, no matter which path you follow, shiny or shabby, your life is a gift and it’s memories are the greatest art.

Everyone is welcome to participate, however there is one condition to it: each picture must contain at least 1 item from the current round of Shiny Shabby Event.

All images must be posted in the special flickr group “Shiny Shabby Art Gallery Competition” and have in description the item from Shiny Shabby ( no landmark required, just name the item).

Also, the title should contain the category you apply for!

No blog posts allowed, artistic images only!

On 28th of april 12 PM SLT, group will be closed for posting and the best images per category will be chosen and placed on the 30th at Shiny Shabby Art Gallery.
During the Black Milk party at the same location, people can vote the best image exposed at the Art Gallery and the winner will receive from Shiny Shabby Team, a prize of 10.000 L$.

The <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/groups/2890723@N25/&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>Shiny Shabby Art Gallery Competition</a> – Flickr group is now open until 28th of April!
Good luck to everyone and looking forward to see your amazing captures!

Shiny Shabby Team

Shiny Shabby Aniversary round. February’16


February round of Shiny Shabby is our anniversary round!
We’re grateful to everyone who has helped us in making it happen, and we asked every participating creator to offer a gift to our customers. The gifts can be found in gift boxes next to every booth, get excited!♥

OPENING Feb 20th, 12 PM SLT – your taxi here!



Special edition @ Neva River Village

Dear BlackMilkers and friends,

Get to discover an old little village, lost in time and mist, guarded by the old lighthouse who stands proud between its trees.

Tonight, the amazing beats of our wonderful DJs, will take over the dark misty village, bringing it back to life, as it once used to be.

So join us tonight, let’s discover it’s stories together, let’s dance together and have fun, let’s celebrate once more time, life!

Your taxi here!

Love, Neva♥